Posted by: mercuriahibernica | 04/05/2012

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of – get back here you little varmint!

So I was going to post some pretty pictures of my cats being all cat-like and adorable. . .  And then one little bundle of “So help me I will kill you and bury your body at the crossroads!” escaped captivity this morning and spent five minutes wandering around the undergrowth between my garden and those of my neighbours. Even waving a tray of kibble at her wasn’t enough to tempt her away from the fleshpot that is next-door’s manicured lawn.  Eventually I got her back in, gave her a stern talking-to (she followed every word I said very closely) and gave her some kibble to eat – sorry, scoff manically as though it were her last meal.  Before I left the house she was following me around with a full-on “I’m sooooo sorry mummy!” look to her.  Meanwhile her sister was doing the whole “I’m the class geek who works hard and gets straight As” routine, which makes a change from her Noli me tangere act, I suppose.

Anyway, here are photos of my cats (the black-and-white one is Bundle, the other one is Smudge – don’t blame me, my SLOC named her, I wanted to call her Dora – although I’m starting to come around to the notion that Grimalkin and Pyewacket would suit them a bit better) and the containers they like climbing into. . .

Amazing what you can pick up at Ikea these days, no?

Not to mention what’s in stock at Eason’s.  Either that or she’s dodging the bailiffs, or something.

I emptied my re-enactment sewing basket to get rid of moth pupae that had started colonising it.  Seconds later I looked around and there was this really weird infestation in there. . .  I fully expect these two to jump into my grave before the priest is finished saying the final prayers.


When I first got my kittens, they could both fit into this magazine basket.  Now it’s a case of taking turns and “Does my bum look big in this?”

At one point they were playing hide-and-seek!

  Bundle nearly got away with it too. . .

I’d love to buy loads of toys and accoutrements for my cats, and spoil them to bits, only I know they don’t really appreciate that sort of treatment.  Their favourite toys are: some felt mice that my mother bought them months ago, and which are now more dust and cat hair than felt; a fluffy mouse on a string attached to a stick that I love to drive them mad with from time to time and which I’ve had since Xmas 2010; and random bits of plastic and paper bags that make nice noises and that they can chase around the place.  Oh, and fresh air, dust motes, flying things that they’ll never actually catch. . .  I’ve got blankets and cushions for them, and Bundle likes to go off and be all emo in the cat carrier when the mood takes her, but really, the best bed you can get for your cat is an empty box from Lidl 🙂

When I posted this picture on my Lolcats page, I captioned it: “The Kraken awakes. The other Kraken is already awake.”  Cats are scary when they yawn.


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