Posted by: mercuriahibernica | 03/05/2012

Meh (Part One of Umpteen)

To be honest, I’m not sure I’m really getting this blog thing.  Like, I have a link to it on my Bookmarks Toolbar, so every time I’m online I can see it, right there, in between the links to the CBB and Fairport Convention, so it’s not like it’s hidden away in “Unsorted Bookmarks” or anything.  But I just can’t seem to come up with enough interesting stuff to post on the internet.  FFS, I can barely summon up enough coherent thoughts to post a status update on Facebook these days!

Anyway, I blame the weather (I’m Irish, it’s always the weather’s fault, unless it’s mine, or the mammy’s or the nuns’. . .).  It’s been so bleak and un-Springlike lately that I’m finding it difficult to feel my annual bout of nostalgia for my student days.  I get it every year – twice yearly, actually, in October and February.  It comes of working on a university campus that is rather pretty, and green, with lovely old buildings and (for the most part) tasteful modern ones.  Even when I was a postgrad here I still yearned to be an undergrad again, with all the focus and direction that taking classes and writing essays provided.  It was lonely being almost the only medievalist in my department!

So now, it’s nearly May Bank Holiday and I will be stuck at home as usual, not wanting to drive too far away because of the price of petrol these days, wondering when the filling I got on Monday is going to stop hurting, and trying to get back into the creative writing thing.  I entered the Reader’s Digest 100-word story competition and came nowhere, and a short story I sent off to the Writers’ Forum was very politely ripped apart.  Don’t get me wrong: I got some good feedback and it was encouraging to be told that it was a good start (at least I wasn’t told to find something else to do with my time!); but I haven’t really gone back to writing since then, although I’ve got some good ideas and keep my notebook handy to jot down scenes, bits of conversation and inspiration as they occur.

I’d write something called “Diary of a Nobody”, only I think that might have already been done. . .


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