Posted by: mercuriahibernica | 24/10/2011

Sometimes the tortoise loses the race

Or, can I make these updates even more slow and spaced out? 🙂

RL keeps getting in the way of writing updates, but today the blog is fighting off RL (in the guise of job applications that are due this week) so that I needn’t feel guilty for using up a rather nice blog name and space on the great big cloud that is WordPress!

Anyway, November is looming, and with it NaNoWriMo, and I have a new idea for a book to write for the month, courtesy of daydreaming about a certain older actor on whom I have a crush and whom I would cast to play the hero in the film of my book – and before you say anything, I know I’m not the only would-be novelist who jumps straight to the casting call before she’s even written a page of her book, ok?!  The book has felt easier to plan than the one I tried my hand with last year – the plot is more straightforward and is probably better suited to my newbieness than the ones I have knocking around in my head most of the time.

One of the books I’ve been trying to put together has been in my head for exactly nine years and three weeks now.  I can remember when its idea first occurred to me –  I was on holiday in Dingle, and out on Coumeenole Strand one day it occurred to me, while clambering around the rocks and being snap-happy with the camera, how easy it might be to push someone off the cliff over our heads into the sea at high tide, and get away with it. . .  And hey presto, my first dubious heroine was born!  She’s still waiting for a bit more flesh to be put on her bones, admittedly, but I’m hoping I will actually have more than two or three pages of her story written by the time its tenth anniversary rolls around!

Today is also a little red-letter day, because after many weeks of talking about it, my SLOC* and I have finally started a creative writing exercise, where he gave the first line, and I had to write a second line, and so on. . .  I’m intrigued to see where it will lead us, and what it will tell us about our own writing interests. . .  Already I think he will prove to be more SF-inclined than I am, but that could be a useful task for me, to follow a thematic path that isn’t an easy one for me!

*SLOC = Solid Lump of Comfort – shorthand for describing my partner that identifies me as a Chalet School fan 🙂  It’s how Jo Bettany describes Jack Maynard (to whom she is about to be engaged) in The Chalet School in Exile, and it’s been co-opted over the years by many other CS fans besides myself.  Makes a change from the usual “OH”, “SO” and so on!




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