Posted by: mercuriahibernica | 07/10/2011

In which I realise I’m getting older. . .

So, went out with my mates last night, for a meal and a few drinks.  Got home before 11.30pm, which is very reasonable (but also sensible, given it was a work night!), and then it all went downhill. . .

I have this habit when I’m a bit tipsy (ok, also when I’m roaring drunk and wondering what’s wrong with partying ’til dawn) of wanting – nay, needing! – to listen to my ipod in bed.  Last night was no different, especially since we’d been in Crane Lane and they’d been playing rock ‘n’ roll and my toes were tapping all the way home.  Only problem is, I don’t have a working set of headphones at the moment.  So I dug out an old pair that had only one working earpiece, and blasted my eardrums with that – the eardrums took it in turns to be yelled at by a variety of singers.   This went on for around 45 minutes, at which point it suddenly occurred to me that I had work later that morning.

Now, there was a time in my past when three or four hours sleep was ample before I had to get up and do a full day’s work on a shop floor selling over-priced woollen garments to bewildered American tourists.   (I worked for the summer in a tourist gift shop just outside Cork back in the ’80s.)  And every now and again I get the strange notion that I’m still that twenty-year-old.  Until it gets to 4.30am and I’m lying there, awake but wrecked, thinking to myself, “if I get back to sleep now I’ll have three more hours. . . if I get back to sleep now I’ll have two-and-a-half more hours. . .” and you can add the rest yourself.  Even when I got up I was dreaming of the moment I could go back to bed again tonight.  That faint high-pitched sound you hear on the breeze is my inner undergrad screaming to be let out of the middle-aged prison she’s suddenly found herself in 🙂

My only consolation came when I emailed the friends I was out with, all of whom are younger than I am, by five to thirteen years, and heard that they were feeling the pain as well.  At least I didn’t start feeling middle-aged until I actually reached middle age!  But I think I’m finally starting to realise that it’s more fun to wake up in the mornings with something approaching a spring in my step, and that a cup of tea in front of the tv is a fine enough way to spend an evening – besides which, it’s cheaper!  (And that’s taking into account the cost of the tv licence, the cable subscription and the electricity :-D)  The days are fast approaching when I will be foregoing a night out on the town with my mates for an early night with a good book, and to be honest, the way I’m feeling right now, those days can’t come soon enough!


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