Posted by: mercuriahibernica | 05/10/2011

Tip of big toe heading slowly waterwards. . .

Or, another short posting just to practise this newfangled blogging thing.

Sometimes I reckon I’m a reincarnated Luddite. . .  Anyway, the purpose of this blog (well, today’s purpose at any rate – I might change my mind tomorrow!) is to get myself into writing gear ahead of November and NaNoWriMo – I got around 500 words written last year.  My excuse for that pathetic result is that I only found out about the existence of the project on around the 20th of November!  And I still didn’t get the book written. . .

This year at least I have some more ideas about how I want the story to go.  My problem usually is that I write down my ideas for scenes, incidents, plot development, etc., but these then just get so muddled and wandering that it’s virtually impossible to pull them all together into a coherent story.  Hopefully the daily routine of writing, even if it’s only a paragraph or two, will help me to sort out my ideas and bring coherence to them.

In the meantime, I’ve started writing shorter pieces of fiction, mainly for competitions advertised in Writing Magazine.  Nothing entered as yet (I’m a late bloomer), but having to stick to themes I wouldn’t have thought of myself is a great exercise.  The articles and interviews also have some great tips on how to approach the task/process of creative writing.  The October issue, for instance, had a great interview with Willy Russell (complete with photograph wherein he bears a disturbing resemblance to Noel Edmonds. . .) – I got some useful pointers on writing a strong story from that.  Of course, that’s all very well but now I need to go and put all the advice and information into practice!


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